Move It Monday

New Cardio Routine

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Happy Monday, Fit Chicks! Hope you all are having a great day so far! Monday’s may be a drag, but don’t let them get you down! It’s a brand new week to get things right, so why not start off with an amazing cardio routine that will have your heart pumping, energy increasing, and leaving you ready to take on the day! I’m bringing to you your NEW Cardio Pyramid routine! This is a tough one, but oh-so worth it! Best part? It’s less than 30 minutes! It can be done anywhere; at the gym, your local park, or you own living room! Try it out for your cardio workout today! Let me know how you feel! Get ready for the challenge, fitties! Show those hard earned muscles what you’re made of! :)


"Why Eat This?" Wednesday

Indulge The Healthy Way With Vitalicious

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Recently I just discovered these amazing food items by Vitalicious! They were so kind to send me a few sample products; the Vita Top Chocolate Muffin, Vita Top Bluberry Muffin, and a new product of their’s, the Vita Egg. I have tried all three of these products and now I can honestly say I am in love with the Vitalicious products! They may look like downloadprocessed foods, loaded with sugar but NEVER judge a book by it’s cover- or muffin in this case!

Vitalicious products actually contain 0 preservatives, meaning they will go bad quickly in 4-5 days if not refrigerated! I personally love putting my Vitalicious products in the freezer to keep them extra fresh and they last longer, too! Whenever you’re ready to eat them, leave them out of the freezer for a few hours, or if you have the Vita Top Muffins, they are the perfect size to warm them up in a toaster! You can even heat the Vita Egg sandwich in a toaster oven and it tastes delicious!

When it comes to nutrition, Vitalicious has created many products that are low in calories, but high in fiber and vitamins that are essential to our bodies health. Vita Muffins are full of vitamins and even come with a nutritional information chart showing they are ’100% of the recommended daily adult requirements’. Plus, the muffins are very tasty and satisfying, especially when you are craving something sweet, and the Vita Egg is a perfect on-the-go breakfast!

What’s even more fun about Vitalicious products is it doesn’t take long to burn off these snacks like it would with other products you may be eating! Take a look at this fun chart below straight from the Vitalicious website! :)


Although I have only tried a few products from Vitalicious, they make more than just muffin tops and egg sandwiches! Vitalicious also carries cakes, brownies, and even mini pizzas! They even have their own healthy baking mixes, too! All these products (excluding the baking mix) are near 100 calories- making a delicious, perfect snack!

I think it’s safe to say Vitalicious has made an amazing product line full of healthy snacks, and I definitely cannot wait to try even more flavors- including the pizza, brownies, and cakes! So what are you waiting for?!? Indulge the healthy way with Vitalicious!!!