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Looking for quick, fun and effective cardio routines? Check out mine here!

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I have been waiting an entire week to feature this fittie! I am so, so excited that she is letting me feature her this week!!! If ya’ll don’t know her already through her awesome instagram account (& oreo aesthetics posts), well here you go! It’s Brittany Dawn from @Brittany_Dawn_Fitness on instagram &! I first […]

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Don’t Forget To Catch Your Zzzz’s

We hear it often: “I only need four hours of sleep” or “who needs sleep anyways!” or “I can sleep when I’m gone.” Well, hold that thought people! Did you know sleep is a key component when it comes to your health and fitness goals? It’s true! While you may think you can get by […]

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Why TRX Is One Of The Best Workouts

Do you ever think about how much we sit during the day? We sit in the car on the way to work or class. We sit behind a desk for most of the day. When we eat, we are sitting. When we watch TV we are mostly sitting. Even when we workout, most of the […]

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Should I eat before cardio?

Today’s topic is a little different for my usual “What I Ate Wednesday” posts. While I won’t be talking about a certain food or new recipe, today is all about fasted cardio: To eat or not to eat before cardio in the morning- that is the question! There are two sides to this questions though. […]

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NOT Eating Does NOT Work

As a trainer, I hear so many women complaining why they can’t lose weight. They put in the work when it comes to training, but when it comes to nutrition, that’s a whole different story! I’ve heard everything under the sun about people who think eating no carbs is the answer, or following a low […]

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